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Inside HerVest with our Brain Box Mobile App Developer, Buchi

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Inside HerVest is a monthly series where HerVest staff members share interesting facts about their job roles and lives. Here, they share tips for thriving in their industries and things we never knew about them. Today, we talk to our Mobile App Developer, Buchi Onwuasoanya. Buchi walks us through his daily routines and doles out power tips for transitioning into Tech. Enjoy the conversation.

Let’s meet you please?

I am Buchi Onwuasoanya. I am a Mobile Application Developer at HerVest. I work with the engineering team to convert high-fidelity designs into interactable mobile applications.

How would you describe your job to a 7-year-old?

Son! I talk to computers and it does as I say.

Asides from being a Tech bro, what else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy watching movies and football, travelling and competitive video gaming.

When did you decide you wanted to become a mobile developer and why?

During my third year in the university, I was highly motivated to solve an issue we faced on campus with technology. This led to me learning and understanding the nitty-gritty of mobile applications development. Ever since then I have been fascinated by how much we can change our world through technology.

What’s your favourite part of working with HerVest?

I see people everyday, but I don’t see people like my Colleagues at HerVest. Working with them has always been awesome.

What advice would you give a youngin finding it hard to transition into tech?

It takes time to build expertise. Tech only answers to knowledge. Put your head down and learn and when learning, don’t go broad, go deep. Have a portfolio to show for it and most importantly associate with a mentor, a teacher or friends in the same field.

One misconception people have about your job?

That developers are IT technicians and can solve any computer-related problem.

On a scale of 10, how well do you enjoy your job?

10 out 0f 10. The team’s efficiency is on steroids.

What’s the weirdest question that you’ve been asked as a developer?

This particular question.

How has HerVest impacted your money habit?

Financial literacy is something people take for granted. Working with HerVest has shown me that I can be much more responsible with my money.

What would it be if you could get an unlimited supply of one thing?

Unlimited First Class Flights. I love to travel a lot.

If you had to be any superhero, which would it be and why?

Batman. so that I can dish out justice. Just kidding. I’ll go with the master of the mystic arts Dr Strange why? His portal travel.

A quote that keeps motivating you?

I don’t do quotes. The willpower for me to succeed in my ambitions is more than enough to get me back on my feet.

But if anyone needs quotes, “With great power come great responsibility — Spiderman Comics”

What book or movie are you currently watching?

I recently rewatched Lock, Stock and Two Smoking barrels. I love all Guy Ritchie’s work. And patiently waiting for the release of Glass Onion.

Imagine you were at your TEDTALK, give a 30 seconds speech to tech enthusiasts ending with “This is why tech is the future”.

There are a lotof problems we face as a society that needs the urgent attention of techies.

Pinpoint which set(s) of problem(s) you easily identify with. Be obsessed with finding ideal solutions to these identified problems.

If we look at all industries, from medicine to transportation, entertainment, retail, etc.

You see there’s a fundamental difference in their modus operandi between today and 20 years ago. Technology has significantly simplified older methodologies.

This is the reason we as humans must continue to research and improve on how we live. And this is why tech will always be the future.

Thank you, Buchi. This was an intellectually engaging conversation.

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