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Securing Her Bag: Meet Final Year Unilag Student, Eniola, Who Does It All.

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From Building Brands to Launching Lines : Final Year Unilag Student, Eniola is securing the bag!

What was your first experience of money?

As a kid, I vividly recall the moment when my aunt from the UK handed me my very first One Thousand Naira note, crisp and new. I felt happy. I hid it from my mum because we know how African mothers will always want to keep our money for us! Lol!

I had a small piggy at the time “kolo lol”, I carefully tucked it away with the hope of spending it on Christmas Day. I felt like a big girl that crossed into the realm of adulthood.

I later used the money to buy my first diary and felt good about it. This diary became my vessel for documenting and keeping a tab of my life and doings.

What did you want to be as a child? 

 I wanted to be a nurse because I really wanted to help the sick.

Nice! Enough about school, let’s talk about your business. What are you doing to secure the bag?

So I run multiple businesses. I specialize in brand strategy. I am a copywriter, and operate my own fashion line. While I find great fulfillment in this diverse portfolio, there are moments where I feel overwhelmed. Remarkably, I embarked on this journey at the young age of 19, and at 23, I continue to navigate the exciting challenges it presents.

How does it feel like running your  business?

It’s been a long ride, having to juggle all these things with school and then student leadership. Business in itself comes with a lot of stress and risk, things don’t always go as planned too. So yeah, “eyi je eyi o je” kind of feeling.  

How is it like juggling school and work? 

Mannn, I think I deserve an applause because look at me, I have been surviving. 

It’s my last year in school and I’m still going. Truthfully it’s draining considering my kind of business. Fashion orders can come in unexpectedly and sometimes I just have to go source fabric. 

What Challenges have you faced running the business?

Hmmm, the major challenge I have faced is with delivery guys, they delay my order or make mistakes in delivery. Aside from that, another challenge is when I try to launch new collections, the money, time, and resources that go into it. My soul feels it😂😂

What’s your relationship with money?

We are in a very blissful relationship. I know the money I have, the money I invest, money for flex, money for personal development, money for self care etc. So we are in a happy place because I make sure they don’t interfere with each other.

The HerVest app also makes it easy to automate my savings so I am in total control.

Advice for people who want to start a business? 

Welll, it’s not going to be easy at the beginning, especially when you have to build trust. Also brand differentiation is very important. Nothing new under the sun, so just START💅

Securing Her Bag highlights the entrepreneurial and career journeys of Nigerian female university students. If you’d like to feature in the next series, then fill the form here.

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