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Inside HerVest with our Agric Technical Manager, Marcus

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Inside HerVest is a monthly series where HerVest staff members share interesting facts about their job roles and lives. Here, they share tips for thriving in their industries and things we never knew about them. Today, we talk to our Agric Technical Manager, Marcus Ogunfolaju. Marcus walks us through his daily routines and doles out power tips for transitioning into Agribusiness. Enjoy the conversation.

Can we meet you?

My name is Marcus Ogunfolaju. I am currently the Agric Technical manager at HerVest. I work with the Agribusiness team

How would you describe your job to a 7-year-old?

Hey Champ, have you eaten today? Then you should say thank you to farmers. Without farmers, there will be no food to eat. Farmers are those who grow plants and take care of animals. Some of the farmers do not know how to grow food that is safe for us to eat. I know how to grow good food, so I teach them how to make good food and to also make money by selling the food. I also talk with them to know if they have any problems or difficulties with their plants and animals and I help them to solve the problem.

One fun fact about you?

I love rabbits as pets. I raised some exotic breeds a few years ago. I actually miss raising rabbits

What does it feel like to lead the Agribusiness team at HerVest?

Exciting, though quite challenging. Working with professionals, artisans, skilled and unskilled labour and people with different levels of education has been an amazing learning experience. Managing the whole agribusiness from production to logistics and sales, demand that I must be accessible and available to make critical decisions. This has availed me the opportunity to build capacity

How has HerVest impacted your money habits?

Financial literacy is important, and working with HerVest has shown me how to make better financial decisions. I also love the HerVest target-saving feature on the app. I am currently saving for a project with the app.

What’s your favourite part of working at HerVest

My favourite part of working with HerVest is the flexible work schedule and the amazing colleagues that I work with.

One piece of advice to anyone looking to transition into Agriculture?

Agriculture is very rewarding and quite fulfilling because you will help to reduce hunger and poverty. However, agriculture should be seen as a business and not just an activity.

Anyone looking to transition into agribusiness should acquire sufficient knowledge and also consult experts in their area of interest. Agribusiness is quite risky but also very profitable. Just ensure that you consult experts and learn about it. Then start on a small scale and expand.

One ridiculous purchase you’ve ever made


What book or movie are you currently seeing /reading?

What book? (i) Stripped: An African woman’s guide to building generational wealth by Solape Akinpelu and

(ii) Financial inclusion in Africa by Thouraya Triki and Issa Faye .

I am also reviewing different journals and articles about the financial inclusion gender gap.

Movies? I rarely watch movies. I prefer to watch football matches

A quote that keeps motivating you?

“You cannot be committed and not be creative, you cannot be creative and not be productive, you cannot be productive and not be successful and you cannot be successful and not be impactful.”

Imagine you were at your TEDTALK, give a 30 seconds speech to Agric enthusiasts ending it with “Agriculture is a weapon for hunger and poverty”

To a hungry man, a piece of bread is the face of God.

The destabilizing effects of hunger are known throughout human history. One of civilisation’s most fundamental acts is ensuring people can get enough food.

Will we be able to feed a population that will be nine billion in just a few years? People have to eat. There’s opportunity all the way up and down the value chain.

I have an incredible belief in the strength and power of farmers. The farmers I get to serve are incredibly inspiring, hardworking and confident, mostly women, that earn a better life for their families. They have an incredible amount of power. They’re just not always equipped with the right tools.

Most of the world’s poor people are farmers, and so when farmers become more productive, then they earn more income, and mass numbers of people move out of poverty. They produce more food for their communities and end hunger.

“Agriculture is a weapon for hunger and poverty.”

Thank you, Marcus. This was an intellectually engaging conversation.

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