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Inside HerVest With our Finance Guru, Roseline

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Inside HerVest is a monthly series where HerVest staff members share interesting facts about their job roles and lives. Here, they share tips for thriving in their industries and things we never knew about them. In this edition, we talk to our super smart number machine, Roseline Amaefule, Finance Manager at HerVest.

Can we meet you? 

My name is Roseline Amaefule. I am the Finance manager at HerVest.

Describe your job to a seven-year-old.

Imagine mummy has a boutique. I need to know how much goes in and out of the store. How much do I spend to buy clothes and how much do I make in selling them. I must also save money to shop for the store in future.

A finance manager handles all these things. They ensure the store has enough money to shop and pay the workers, like the cashiers and cleaners.

They also help the store make smart money decisions. They might say, “Hey, we have a lot of money right now, so we can buy more clothes to sell.” Or they might say, “We need to save more money because we want to open a bigger boutique”.

Did you always want to be an accountant?

 Not really. I wanted to be a pharmacist. I met a lady accountant after secondary school and the meticulous way she handled her task attracted me to the profession.

What does it feel like to lead the Finance Team at HerVest?

Indeed a challenging but rewarding experience. As a finance manager, I oversee the company’s finances.

This includes budgeting, financial planning, analyzing financial data, and making important financial decisions. It feels empowering to have a leadership role. I feel responsible for being entrusted to manage the company’s finances and ensure its financial stability. 

It can also be stressful juggling multiple tasks to meet deadlines. However, overcoming these challenges provides a sense of accomplishment.

One interesting fact people don’t know about you? 

 I love to sing and dance.

How has HerVest impacted your money habits? 

HerVest provides women and allies with guided financial resources to make prudent money decisions. For example, in working with the CEO (Solape Akinpelu), who is a financial literacy coach, I receive constant advice on my personal finance, which has positively influenced my money habits.

What are you reading at the moment

A book named “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond

What movie series are you currently watching?

I am not into series, but the last one I saw was Night Agent.

Your ridiculous purchase ever? 

Buying shares because others were buying. 

Saving or investing?


What is your life philosophy

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

One piece of advice to anyone looking to transition into accounting or financial management? 

You must be a number lover and willing to adapt to a changing environment. Constant personal and career development should be among your KPIs because the industry keeps evolving.

As a career woman and mother, what advice would you give C-suite executives on balancing their jobs and growing a healthy family? 

Surround yourself with like minds. Outsource domestic chores as much as possible. This will help you declutter and focus more on strategic things at work and home. Ensure to make time for your family and have time to relax and unwind.

Imagine you were at your TED TALK and had 30 seconds to speak on corporate financial management’s importance. Shoot your shot?

In the evolving nature of the business world, corporate financial management is key.

It is the foundation for sustainable growth and success. Effective financial management enables companies to make informed financial decisions and mitigate risks. It also maximises shareholder value.

So, let’s embrace this because when companies thrive financially, they innovate, create jobs, and contribute to a prosperous future for all. Thank you!

This was an interesting conversation, Roseline.

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