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Budget-Friendly Gifts for Him or Her This Christmas (Nigerian Guide)

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The holiday season is upon us again. While Christmas is meant to be a joyous time spent with loved ones, it can also strain wallets with the expected gift-giving and the high cost of items. If you’re looking for gift ideas for the special women or men in your life but want to keep costs low, here are ten affordable options that are sure to be appreciated.

1.Home-baked pastries or cakes: Create heartfelt treats like cakes or cookies with a touch of personalised notes that let your recipients know how much thought and intentionality went into the gifting.

2. Picture frame – Use pictures to make your gift say a thousand words. Select photos of cherished memories with your friend or request a good photo of them and place them in an inexpensive but beautiful frame.

3. Books – Explore local bookstores or look online for affordable reads by Nigerian or even foreign authors. We recommend the financial bestseller Stripped: An African Woman’s Guide to Building Generational Wealth by Solape Akinpelu to help your recipient make informed financial decisions in 2024. Purchase your copy HERE.

4. Customised Mugs: You can never go wrong with a beautiful mug or tea gift set. Get some inspiration from Tods and include special ingredients that make your friends tick on the design of the mug. You can also include the definitions of their name with a reference to their origins. This shows a lot of thought and intentionality. Top up your gift with a pack of tea bags or coffee.

5. Spa Day Care: A spa treatment is a great gift to give someone you care about. Treat that special person to a session of relaxation and rejuvenation that they will never forget. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to achieve this. Importantly, you must ensure ease of access to the spa location. We can’t afford to traffic stress after our efforts.

6. Voucher or gift card – Take away the stress of what to gift with a simple voucher or gift card. Give the gift of choice with vouchers to shops and restaurants. You can get vouchers for as low as N5000 on Suregifts. This also gives your recipient the opportunity to spend on what they really want as opposed to what you think is best for them.

7. Customised Lip Care Kit: The Christmas holiday is often accompanied by the harmattan that leaves our lips dry and chapped. Help that friend achieve a healthy moisturised lip by gifting them a customised Lip Care Kit. This kit comes with a full package of lip scrubs, gloss, balms and masks. Tachbeauty is currently running a discount on this one. You might want to check it out before it sells out!

8. Handmade Hampers: Luxury hampers can make the most attractive gift, but they can also be expensive. Instead of buying a luxury gift hamper, it might be cheaper to make one yourself. All you need is a box or wicker basket and some carefully selected items. Here’s a video to get started.

9. Concert Tickets: What’s a Detty December without some memorable Naija concert? Concert tickets are great gifts for people, as they help create memorable experiences, especially as the year comes to an end. The best part is that some of these tickets go for as low as N5000. You shouldn’t also limit yourself to concerts; It can be booking a movie ticket for an upcoming blockbuster or a personal or career development program. Check out concerts scheduled for December in Nigeria HERE.

10. A HerVest Savings & Investment Plan: We saved the best for last! Why not set that special one for financial success in 2024 with a HerVest Savings & Investment Gift Plan? With every interest accrued on a plan, your gift keeps giving. To get started, download the HerVest app on your Google Play or iOS store. Sign up. Then, select Savings or Investment to see the available offerings. For further assistance, you can also contact us at or on the support channel on the HerVest app.

At the end of it all, it’s the thought that counts. Giving should be cheerful and comfortable, and we hope that these ideas help you give the best gifts. What should have made the list? Let us know in the comments. Happy Holidays:)!

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